Our Journey…

Nikki and Fam.While pregnant with my first little girl, I unknowingly began my baby sleep easy journey. As a first time Mom, I prepared in many ways. However safe sleep training, seemed to be a question no one had the answer to.

My baby girl entered the world only to sadly be admitted into the NICU soon after.  A few days went by, and I noticed the method one of her nurses used consistently at nap and bedtime. I learned this technique has been used in NICU’s across the world with the most fragile babies for decades.  So after a lot of research I began designing the baby sleep easy system with the help of her nurse.

Being a parent is an amazing, but exhausting roller coaster. Prolonged fatigue can reek havoc on your physical and mental health. Bring home the proven sleep training system baby pros and parents trust.

Nikki Rasmussen
Wife & Mother of 2
Baby Sleep Easy Founder

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