How It Works

The journey to baby sleep success starts by knowing how to provide your baby’s essential needs. The quick reference, tabbed essentials guide does just that. Our carefully chosen tools that swaddle, elevate, & support mimic the womb, and the comfort of being held, then continue to grows with them. Making baby sleep easy the only complete baby sleep training system.

“Consistent actions create consistent results”

–Christine Kane

5 Quick Start Steps:

Step 1: Essentials Guide

The baby sleep easy training system come complete with an easy tabbed Essentials Guide. This guide outlines your babies daily and nightly needs. Read through then quickly refer back when needed.

Step 2: Swaddle

Inside the Essentials Guide is step by step directions for the most commonly used swaddle technique used in NICU’s.
Why It Works:
  • Baby Sleep Easy swaddle technique is the most commonly used by hospital nurses.
  • Increases babies REM sleep and a more stable heart rate.
  • Reduces the Moro or startle reflux.
  • Validated soothing technique with natural introduction to sleeping on their own.
  • Gradual sleeping aid that allows baby to grow out of it as they don’t need it anymore and are strong enough.

Step 3: Elevate

Place wedge either under or on top of fitted sheet, preferably in the corner of babies crib so the supporter can rest against their bed frame.
Why It Works:
  • Decreases intracranial pressure and bronchial
  • Elevation assists in ear ache pain.
  • Opens the air passage for easier breathing.
  • Prevents acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux, and benefits digestion altogether.

Step 4: Support

Lay baby in the middle of the wedge. Wrap supporter from base of their chin all the way around to the top of their head.  Snuggly place supporter under shoulder and hip bone, for the perfect tilt.
Be Sure To Alternate Side Nightly
Why It Works:
  • With the slight tilt, baby is cradled in a safe, comfortable, and secure position (not on their side, see guide).
  • Imitates position and tilt of being held, and is an age-old natural soothing technique.
  • Prevents positional plagocephaly (flat head syndrome).
  • Ideal for baby to push and rest against.
  • Strengthens babies bones and muscles.
  • As baby develops, system adapts to babies needs, and grows with them (see guide).

Step 5: Wrap

Place blanket below babies chin and wrap around the supporter and tuck under. Also can fold lengthwise during the summer months so blanket is just a band tucked around supporter to hold everything in place.

An Easy To Use System That Grows With Your Little One.

The 5 Piece System

Important Tips

Make sure you wash the entire system before use.
Pajamas should be a simple onesie.
Keep their room temperature at a recommended 65 degrees.
If using pacifier, try to save it for sleep only.